The ZWEI Wealth Expert – a new type of consultant

Being in control of your wealth is a necessity to protect it. Our ZWEI Wealth Experts not only help you be in control and make well-founded decisions, they also support you in finding the most suitable bank and asset manager, and in establishing and maintaining a rewarding and well-performing relationship.

Truly independent advice …

Unlike traditional bank advisors and asset managers, our ZWEI Wealth Experts do not manage client assets themselves, allowing them to identify the perfect match between client and solution provider in a completely unbiased manner. We believe this strict separation to be the only way to ensure that our clients receive independent recommendations regarding their wealth matters.

… based upon research and experience

All ZWEI Wealth Experts benefit from the comprehensive analysis and diverse expertise provided by the ZWEI Wealth Experts group, including independent research from the renowned economists at Wellershoff & Partners.

ZWEI – You and your Wealth Expert
In order to ensure that you get the best from your banks and asset managers

ZWEI Wealth Experts is a new system that provides consulting services in wealth management. ZWEI Wealth Experts AG is the operator and owner of the system. The independent Wealth Experts of our network follow the guidelines and principles of the system, utilizing the knowledge and data provided.

Our key principles

These key principles form the foundation of the ZWEI Wealth Experts advisory approach:

The ZWEI Wealth Experts identify and prepare the relevant information and communicate it transparently and comprehensibly to clients, enabling them to form a well-reflected decision. One of our most important principles is to ensure clients are comfortable with all their decisions.

We never assign our clients to pre-defined risk and investment categories. We always draft a tailor-made investment strategy for each of our clients. If our clients fully grasp the strategy, this is the best proof that we have truly understood their needs.

Our ZWEI Wealth Experts do not have any preferred providers. Therefore, clients do not need to change banks or advisors if not expressly requested or absolutely warranted.

Our ZWEI Wealth Experts do not engage in asset management, nor do they instruct execution on behalf of the client. This key principle allows us to avoid conflicts of interest and to offer our clients independent consulting.

It goes without saying that ZWEI Wealth Experts do not accept any sort of rebate or retrocession from banks and asset managers. We always inform our clients transparently about all costs generated by ZWEI Wealth Experts.